I’ve been working with HP 3800 Series switches (J9574A specifically) for some time now and recently we’ve migrated from monitoring them with HPE IMC to PRTG by Paessler.  The one thing that I’ve never been able to monitor, even after a few scares with HVAC units going out, was the switch temperature.  We had some basic monitoring on our closets, but that would only alert building management or the facilities team who would then reach out to us.  To be more proactive I knew I had to find a way to monitor and alert on temperature directly from the switch.  

I knew it was possible since I could gather temperature information from a few commands:

show system temperature
walkMIB hpchassistemperature
getmIB hpSystemAirCurrentTemp.0

So, after lots of digging I found the OID that corresponds to hpSystemAirCurrentTemp.0,

Now with the proper monitoring and alerting tools, you can get a readout in degrees Celsius versus Unknown, Bad, Warning, Good, or NotPresent.  This will only provide the readout for one switch, even when in a stack. However, that should be good enough to know a basic temperature of your IDF / MDF closet and whether or not you need to jump on the phone with someone.

2 Day Graph

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